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    If your doctor has recommended hydrotherapy to recover from the injury, then it's surely the best way to improve your body gradually. Hydrotherapy uses water in various forms for pain relief and treatment. It may be a gentle flow of water over the body for relaxation or spraying water at a specific area in a hydrotherapy pool at the desired speed to improve blood flow. The technique offers multiple fitness benefits.

    At Phoenix Healthcare, we have highly trained physicians in Christchurch specialising in hydrotherapy who understand your treatment and then create an effective fitness plan, ensuring your well-being. Whether you are recovering from a sports injury, have gone through knee replacement or just need treatment for your joint pain, hydrotherapy is good to go.

    We design structured hydrotherapy classes where you go under a series of procedures that help you recover completely healthy and fit. So, ensure the best treatment from the experts. Visit our swimming centre in Canterbury today!


    A bath after a tiring day calms our nerves; imagine what a large swimming pool with specialised water jet sprays and optimal temperature can do! Yes, Phoenix Healthcare brings you an advanced hydrotherapy pool in Canterbury and Christchurch, equipped with all the amenities. With options of warm water and cool water settings, the pool allows you exercise in the optimal environment that promises great results.

    So, if you are looking for a pool in Christchurch for hydrotherapy treatments, Phoenix Healthcare has got your back. Built with the finest and state of the art material, the pool uses innovative technology that works on your command. Plus, our trainers are always there to help you out. Whether it's your first time in a pool or you want to resume your hydrotherapy treatment, we can create a plan tailor to your needs.

    And that's not all; our qualified and registered practitioners advise you the best exercise and fitness plans that ensure healthy recovery from the injury. We work together with your doctor and help you recover quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us for bespoke hydrotherapy treatments in Christchurch.