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Evaluate and monitor your workers’ health

Health monitoring should be carried out at the beginning of a worker’s employment to establish a baseline health status and then monitored regularly to identify if their health is getting worse, better or staying the same.

Employers have the responsibility to ensure, so far as reasonably practical, the well-being and safety of their workers and to minimise potential risks in the workplace.

Health monitoring typically involves:

  • Audiometry (Hearing) Assessments
  • Spirometry (Lung Function) Assessments
  • Blood Pressure
  • Vision Testing
  • Grip Strength/Physical Flexibility
  • Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Cardiovascular Assessment

What we monitor and test for entirely depends on the specific needs of your workplace. Our staff are also able to provide advice on how to keep your workers safe.

Phoenix can provide health monitoring services in clinic or meet your workers on site.

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