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Evaluate and Monitor Your Workers’ Health

We understand the critical importance of health monitoring in maintaining a safe and productive workplace. Routine or annual health monitoring is a crucial strategy to manage health hazards and comply with legal requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Begin with a comprehensive health evaluation to establish a baseline of your worker’s health at the start of employment. Our annual health monitoring program then tracks changes, helping to identify improvements or deterioration over time. This proactive approach is vital for early detection of potential health issues, including hearing loss from exposure to workplace noise, respiratory conditions from substance hazardous to lungs, or effects from heavy metals.

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Initial and ongoing health assessments

Our range of health monitoring assessments includes:

  • Audiometry (hearing) assessments. Essential for detecting early signs of hearing loss and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Spirometry (lung function) assessments. Evaluate the impact of exposure to airborne substances in your workplace.
  • Blood pressure and cardiovascular assessment. Monitor these vital parameters to prevent health complications.
  • Vision testing. Essential for workers in visually demanding roles.
  • Grip strength or physical flexibility and functional capacity assessment. Determine the physical capabilities of your workers and match them with suitable duties.

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Employee undergoing spirometry or lung function test

Convenient on-site services

Each test is tailored to meet the specific safety and health requirements of your workplace, based on the nature of risk and exposure faced by your workers. Our team is equipped with the knowledge to provide expert advice and solutions to minimise health risks in your workplace.

Phoenix Healthcare offers flexible health monitoring solutions that can be carried out at our clinic or at your company’s location, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

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Engage with us for thorough workplace health monitoring

To discuss how our tailored health monitoring services can benefit your company and help you safeguard your workers, click on 'Monitor team health now'. Let us help you fulfil your duty to protect your workers from health risks and hazards, ensuring a healthier, safer workplace.