Ensure Comfort, Safety, and Health in Your Work Environment

When your job requires long hours at a desk, enduring discomfort shouldn’t be a routine part of your day. Inadequately designed workspaces and improper sitting postures are common culprits behind a variety of preventable health issues. These can range from mild annoyances like headaches to more severe conditions involving neck, back, shoulder, and arm pain.

Phoenix’s Occupational Health Nurses are dedicated to transforming your work environment through comprehensive workstation assessments. These evaluations are meticulously designed to enhance your overall health and workplace efficiency.

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Onsite ergonomic workstation assessments by experienced nurses

Our expert team conducts onsite ergonomic assessments, offering personalised advice and practical solutions to improve safe work practices. Adjustments in desk height, equipment spacing, optimal lighting, and precise chair positioning are crucial. By adopting correct work practices and ensuring that each element of your workstation is harmoniously aligned, you can significantly lessen discomfort and prevent pain and injury.

Benefits of a well-adjusted workstation include:

  • Reduction in physical discomfort
  • Enhanced productivity and greater engagement in work tasks
  • Lower risk of long-term health issues related to posture and ergonomics

Whether it’s adjusting the screen position during a video call or optimising your home office setup for prolonged working from home scenarios, our team can provide tailored guidance. We ensure that every aspect of your workstation aligns with ergonomic principles, fostering a healthier work environment.

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Ergonomic Workstation Assessment at Phoenix Healthcare

Group and Individual Workstation Assessment Services

Phoenix Healthcare offers workstation assessment services both for individuals and groups. Whether your team is large or small, or even if you are managing your professional tasks from a small office, our assessments can scale to meet your needs.

Our comprehensive approach goes beyond mere adjustments to your work space chair. We focus on injury prevention strategies to safeguard against repetitive strain injury which often results from poor working postures and inadequate ergonomic practices. By evaluating each employee’s workspace, our occ health nurses not only optimise the physical layout but also provide advice on maintaining healthy routines and postures.

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Engage with our team for improved workplace comfort

Discuss with our team how to elevate comfort levels and ensure a healthier, more productive workplace for your employees. Our hands-on approach and expert guidance are your resources for a better working environment.