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Prevent injuries through education and practical training

Many workplaces involve manual handling tasks that can significantly increase the risk of injuries. Surprisingly, over 30% of workplace injuries are attributed to manual handling activities, often resulting from inadequate training in safe practices.

Typical activities like lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying not only put repetitive strain on the body but also introduce risks such as awkward and unbalanced postures, which can lead to strain injuries or even a back injury.

Phoenix’s training offers practical, interactive sessions focusing on manual lifting, employing proper lifting techniques, and using mechanical aids to ensure health and safety in your work environment.

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Key benefits of manual handling training

By investing in this training, you not only comply with health and safety regulations but also foster a culture of safety and awareness that can significantly diminish the risks associated with manual handling tasks. Ensure your team can handle every load safely and efficiently, every time.

  • Targeted reduction of injury. Learn techniques to reduce the risk of strain injuries and manual handling injuries.
  • Customisation to workplace needs. Training is adapted to the unique challenges of your workplace, addressing specific manual handling hazards.
  • Focus on health and safety. Emphasises health preservation and safety through proper training, reducing the overall risk in the workplace.

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A tailored approach for your team

Our occupational health nurses are committed to understanding the specific manual handling hazards in your workplace to develop a customised workshop. This tailored approach ensures that your team learns to integrate manual handling basic principles seamlessly into daily operations, enhancing safety and reducing the incidence of manual handling injuries such as back injury.

If your employees are frequently engaged in tasks requiring lifting, climbing, pulling, pushing, or twisting, it’s crucial to equip them with knowledge on how to assume safe postures and reduce bending to handle heavy loads efficiently and safely.

At Phoenix, we prioritise your team’s ability to perform manual handling activities safely, aiming to reduce injuries, back injuries specifically, and minimise lost time due to these injuries.

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