• Basic First Aid Training
  • Refresher First Aid Training
  • Manual Handling Training

    Phoenix Healthcare has registered first aid instructors with New Zealand Resuscitation Council. We can deliver training to individuals and small groups as required.

    Find a First Aid Course to Meet Your Unique Needs

    An emergency can occur at any time and anywhere, one should always be equipped with some life saving skills. Our first aid courses are equipped and designed for all industries that allow individuals to be competent with basic to complex life saving first aid assistance. Our registered instructors are friendly and highly knowledgeable, meaning you can ask any questions pertaining to emergency assistance in a life-saving situation. They thoroughly instruct every procedure step by step and clear the doubts after the session. So, prepare yourself to save a life in an emergency. Check out the first aid courses we provide:

    Standard First Aid

    This first aid course provides the basic skills for participants to provide vital and life-saving assistance. It introduces individuals to some safe and crucial life-saving skills and makes them feel confident by practising on CPR manikins. We provide pre-course readings before the training and certificates after completion.

    Essential First Aid

    This course arms you with the essential techniques that can help you address problems quickly and effectively. You learn to maintain yourself calm and provide the necessary care to the victim. From knowing about the supplies to their usage and application, this course covers it all.

    Sports First Aid

    Joint dislocation, sprains, strains and knee injuries are common in sports. Immediate care and fast thinking can save a body from unbearable pain. Our sports first aid training is a part of our courses that let you know how to use ice-packs, bandages, support the dislocated joints and dress the wounds. Learn more here.

    First Aid for Young Children

    Young children have tender bones, and while they are out on the playground, the chances are that they may injure themselves. So, if you are a coach or a PT teacher, you must know how to deal with these injuries. Our first aid course for young children is just designed for that.

    Workplace Basic First Aid

    Most of the companies require their employees to be trained in basic workplace first aid. This training equips individuals with safe practices and prevention techniques in case of fire or any other mishappening. It also teaches basic CPR techniques, scene assessment and methods to deal with musculoskeletal injuries.

    First Aid Refresher

    This course is designed to help individuals refresh their first aid knowledge and update with the latest techniques wherever applicable. The training is also helpful for participants whose first aid certificate is about to expire. The course updates you with the latest techniques and prepares you for comprehensive training.

    Outdoor First Aid

    Apart from a specific boundary like a building or playground, accidents can happen on roads and other public areas. The outdoor first aid course equips you with the skills and knowledge required to manage such accidents and help the victim. From CPR training and scene assessment to MOI identification and safety area, it covers all.

    We provide one on one training and Group training as per request.

    - Muscular / Skeletal injuries
    - Bleeding and Shock- Scene assesment (DRSABCD)
    - Medical conditions- Choking
    - Burns and Poisoning- CPR