• Basic First Aid Training
  • Refresher First Aid Training
  • Comprehensive First Aid Training
  • Manual Handling Training

    Phoenix Healthcare has registered first aid instructors with New Zealand Resuscitation Council. We can deliver training to individuals and small groups as required.

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    Comprehensive First Aid Training

    This training provides participants with the skills for managing high risk work environments or assisting multiple victims in a first aid situation. It is also beneficial for people to be skilled with this training when assisting with life threatening conditions and waiting until further help arrives.

    This course is a two-day course and broken down as eight hours for the first day and four hours for the second day.

    • Covers NZQA unit standard 6400    • Covers NZQA unit standard 6401
    - Environmental Conditions    - Muscular / Skeletal injuries
    - Complex Medical Emergencies    - Bleeding and Shock
    - Complex Trauma    - Burns and Poisoning
    - Head and Spinal Injuries
    • Covers NZQA unit standard 6402
    - Scene assesment (DRSABCD)
    - Choking & CPR