Discover the benefits of home care in Christchurch and greater Canterbury with Phoenix Healthcare. Whether you’re arranging long-term support for a loved one or seeking immediate aid for daily activities, knowing your options is key. This article offers clear insights into home care services, helping you choose the right support to maintain independence and tailor assistance to individual needs. Explore how to make informed decisions for at-home care.

Key Insights

Phoenix Healthcare provides custom home care solutions, enabling individuals to live independently in their own homes with tailored personal care plans and supports designed to foster self-reliance. Understanding government funded home care includes an assessment by the designated agency to determine eligibility. Selecting the best provider involves evaluating qualifications, costs, and reputation.

Personalised Home Care

Phoenix Healthcare’s home care services are designed to assist those who need help with daily tasks, ensuring they can enjoy comfort and independence in their own homes. Our mission is to empower and support clients through personalised assistance. Our team of professional, compassionate carers and nurses provide quality care, making every day easier to those we serve.

From meal preparation and housekeeping to companionship, Phoenix Healthcare offers comprehensive services to simplify your life and enhance wellness. Let us support you in living comfortably at home with our reliable service options.

  • Tailored Home Support Services – At Phoenix Healthcare, we understand that individual needs vary greatly, which is why we emphasise personalised attention in our home support services.
  • Customised Care Plans – Working closely with clients, Phoenix Healthcare develops personalised care plans to meet specific needs, ensuring optimal support. Our care plans can encompass a variety of services, from cooking and cleaning to personal care and transportation, all designed to promote independence and well-being.
  • Maintaining Independence at Home – Phoenix Healthcare is dedicated to empowering clients, providing aids and equipment to improve daily living and support independence. Our range of aids includes items to assist with mobility, dressing, and health and safety.

Private or Funded Home Help

In New Zealand, the landscape of home care services encompasses two primary options: private home care and government-funded care. Each avenue provides distinct benefits tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals seeking support. From daily living assistance to specialised care, the choices available ensure that everyone can find a solution that best fits their situation.

Private home care

Opting for private home care allows for a highly customisable approach to home assistance. Clients have the flexibility to select the specific services they need, ranging from basic help with household tasks to intensive medical support. This option is ideal for those who value direct control over their care arrangement and seek a personalised touch in service provision.

Government-funded care

On the other hand, government-funded care offers a structured system of support that is often based on an assessment of needs. This model ensures that care is accessible to those who may not have the means to afford private services. Through various home care packages, individuals can receive financial assistance to cover the costs of their required services, making essential care more attainable.

Choosing Phoenix Healthcare

When it comes to selecting a provider, we stand out for our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, client-centred care. With a team of highly qualified professionals, Phoenix is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalised services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our excellence in care is not just a claim but a reality backed by a solid track record and a deep understanding of what truly matters to our clients.

Transitioning to Phoenix Healthcare

We recognise that needs can evolve, and the choice to switch providers is significant. That’s why Phoenix Healthcare ensures that the transition is as smooth as possible. We prioritise your comfort and care throughout the process, offering guidance and support every step of the way. Our approach is to make the changeover seamless, minimising stress and maximising the continuity of care.

Navigating financial considerations

Understanding the costs associated with home care is vital. Phoenix Healthcare stands by the principles of transparency and integrity. We guide you through the financial aspects of accessing care, whether it’s through private funding or leveraging government-funded home care options. Our goal is to work with you in determining the most suitable level of care that meets your needs without compromising on quality or financial viability.

Accessing Additional Services

Beyond the core services of home care and nursing, Phoenix also offers access to allied health and primary care support, enhancing your care experience with a holistic approach. Our extended network includes specialists in general medical practice, nurse practitioners, occupational health nurses, nutrition counselors, health coaches, and more to ensure comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs.

To facilitate easy access to these services, Phoenix has developed a seamless referral system. Our care coordinators will work with you and your family to identify your needs and connect you with the right professionals within our network. Whether you require rehabilitation services following an injury or surgery, or need ongoing support for a chronic condition, we are here to ensure you receive the highest quality of care.

Find out how we can support you through home care services in New Zealand.