Are you confronted with persistent issues related to ear wax build-up or experiencing the discomfort of blocked ears? You are not alone. Ear wax, scientifically termed as cerumen, is a natural secretion fostered in the glands of the outer ear canal. This secretion plays a critical role in guarding the ear against a multitude of intruders such as dust and bacteria, safeguarding the sensitive inner realms of the ear and preventing infections.

But while a moderate presence of ear wax contributes beneficially by protecting and maintaining the health of the ear, an overproduction can lead to a buildup or blockage within the ear canal, necessitating a professional intervention for effective ear wax removal. Such excess accumulation could pave the way for various complications, ranging from a mild irritation or itchy ears to more substantial impacts like hearing loss or persistent noises like tinnitus affecting the ear.

Let’s delve into the nuanced symptoms associated with ear wax blockage. Affected individuals commonly report a spectrum of symptoms, such as:

  • a discernible discomfort or an agonising earache
  • a pervading sense of fullness making the ears feel perpetually blocked
  • disturbances such as tinnitus characterised by an incessant noise in the ear.

Furthermore, the blockage might escalate to manifest as a discernible loss of hearing or persistent itching around the ear canal.

In navigating these challenges, it is imperative to exercise caution. Resorting to commonplace solutions like the usage of cotton buds for ear cleaning could inadvertently exacerbate the situation, pushing the wax build-up even deeper into the ear canal and risking potential harm to the delicate eardrum.

Introducing Microsuction

At Phoenix Healthcare, we champion an approach anchored in precision and care. Our dedicated team of ear technicians, well-versed in the intricacies of ear health, spearhead the process. Initiating the journey with a comprehensive ear hygiene assessment, they meticulously evaluate the condition, ensuring that the treatment trajectory is optimally aligned with the individual’s needs. This phase is pivotal, ensuring that complexities such as narrow ear canals or prevailing infections are meticulously accounted for, optimising the prospects of the ensuing ear wax removal process.

In circumstances where the assessment unveils irregularities, such as ear infections or anatomical challenges obstructing the treatment path, we will ensure that patients are adeptly guided towards a consultative session with our own GP or alternatively, their current or preferred GP.

Ear microsuction, a technique integral to removing ear wax as part of our service, skillfully combines the use of a binocular microscope and a low-pressure suction machine. This method is distinct from practices like ear candles or ear candling, focusing instead on the delicate areas of the middle ear. It requires our technician to gently remove ear wax from the ear canal, promoting an environment that supports the health and functional integrity of the ear.

Why Microsuction?

Microsuction is a universal and versatile technique for earwax removal, suitable even for hearing aid wearers and those who have undergone neck surgery. The procedure is known for its minimal risk and is performed with a dedication to comfort and efficacy, typically lasting approximately 10-15 minutes. It effectively alleviates the discomfort, pain, and hearing disturbances associated with excessive ear wax buildup. The technique is considered safe, pain-free, and efficient, making it a preferred method for many individuals seeking ear wax removal.

At Phoenix Healthcare, our vision is to nurture a sanctuary of holistic wellness. Our ear wax removal Christchurch clinic, nestled within the nurturing realms of Phoenix Health Hub, stands as a testament to this vision. With a dedication to excellence and a compassionate approach, we invite you on a journey towards revitalised ear health, where the discomforts of ear wax buildup and blockages gracefully unravel, paving the way for a harmonious auditory experience. Allow us the privilege to accompany you on this journey to optimal ear health.

Book an appointment today and step into a realm where clarity and comfort harmoniously resonate. Our clinic is open for appointments from Wednesday to Friday, and this service is available to both enrolled and casual patients.