Hearing Assessment Introduction

If you have very little wax in the ear canal, your ears start to feel dry and itchy. However, the correct amount of ear wax helps in a few ways:

  • Prevents dust, bacteria and other germs from entering and damaging the ear
  • Catches dust and slow-growing bacteria
  • Protects the skin of the ear canal from irritation by water

Your ears should have a healthy amount of wax, since they are a part of the body that cleans itself. The excess ear wax automatically exits the atrial channel, since there the cells migrate naturally. The removal of the wax is also aided by the movements of the jaw (when talking, chewing, etc.) and, once it reaches the outside of the ear, it will simply fall or be eliminated when taking a shower or a bath. However some of us gradually build up earwax over the years and you may end with a hearing loss. It is important to get your ears checked annually as, like with teeth, they need extra care to help us enjoy life longer.


If you need a specialist to help clean the excess wax, then connect with Phoenix Healthcare. Our ear clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand, has all the necessary tools for the safe removal of ear wax. We make you comfortable and ensure that all your ear problems are treated to the highest standards. Call now.