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    Vaccination Service

    As part of our vision to provide holistic healthcare services and as the current changes in the healthcare climate with new viruses emerging at an ever faster rate, we believe that you and your workforce needs to be prepared at all times. As part of our end to end service delivery, we deliver a vaccination service at the convenience of your workplace or in our clinic.

    Annual Flu Vaccination

    Phoenix Healthcare is dedicated to creating a healthy and active community and understands being vaccinated is an important aspect of it. That’s why we have trained professionals on service with years of experience in their respective fields. We help organisations, and other facilities protect individuals with our annual flu vaccination programme.

    We conduct an annual influenza immunisation programme to safeguard from the Influenza flu viruses. So if you are an adult who hasn’t received the flu shot, then we can help out. Our influenza vaccine shots include the permitted Afluria Quad to vaccinate people of all age.

    Our experienced practitioners use safe medical practices and the best flu vaccine based on your medical history to avoid any side effects. Book your request or visit our clinic.

    Hepatitis A & B

    As per WHO, an unclean environment and consumption of contaminated food and water can cause Hepatitis A. While the disease can be prevented by healthy and safe hygienic practices, the best way is vaccination. Phoenix Healthcare is one of the trusted and professional health care services in New Zealand that provide safe and effective vaccination against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.

    Our team of registered nurses, qualified practitioners, and skilled staff have years of experience in providing effective vaccination services against these chronic diseases. Our knowledgeable nurses educate individuals about the causes, symptoms, treatments and consequences of the disease and give assurance on how vaccination can help prevent these illnesses.

    As it’s said, Prevention is better than cure, so vaccination against Hepatitis B ensures your body is protected from the infection.

    COVID-19 (awaiting govt approval)

    As the government has started the Covid-19 vaccine plan for people aged 16 and above, there is a huge demand among the individuals. The government has planned the vaccination in four phases, i.e. group 1, group 2, group 3 and group 4. If you fall under group 2, then you will receive an invitation from the employer or District Health Board (DHB) for vaccination.

    Currently, we are awaiting for government approval, and as soon as we receive the permission, we will be ready with all the resources to vaccinate employees. At Phoenix Healthcare, we advise you to follow all the Covid-safety protocols, i.e. wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain social distancing and other guidelines. The team at Phoenix Healthcare is ready to provide the vaccination services against Covid-19.