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    Physiotherapy is an effective way to relieve pain, diagnose injuries and bring your body back to normal. The therapy uses various treatments and exercises targeted to a specific muscle area that results in immediate relief and lets you enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. However, there are certain complications involved, which only qualified and experienced physiotherapists can understand. Your shoulder pain may originate from the muscles in the neck, and the back pain may be a result of an imbalance in the legs. Our Physiotherapists in Christchurch at Phoenix Healthcare have an in-depth understanding of the human musculoskeletal system and offer the best treatment plans tailored to your needs.

    So, if you are looking for a trusted physiotherapy clinic in Christchurch, we are here to help. Our highly experienced and skilled physiotherapists thoroughly assess the condition using state of the art tools. We then identify the pain areas or the source of pain, look at your medical history and create an effective treatment plan focusing on quick recovery and prevention of injury in the future. The treatment is not limited only to our clinic in Christchurch. We go the extra mile by partnering with gyms and pools in Christchurch to help you with physiotherapy exercises. We also have a dedicated hydrotherapy pool in Christchurch. Book your appointment online now!

    Sports Physio and Rehabilitation

    Sports injuries can create a setback in your professional career if deprived of quality treatment. An injury appearing minor from outside may have damaged roots inside the tissue. So, professional care is always advised. Phoenix Healthcare has an expert team of physios, nurses and support staff that help in the effective treatment of the injuries. Drawing from their wealth of experience and treatment plans, our physiotherapists advise the best muscle exercises that promote quick recovery and better health.

    We also have sports rehabilitation programmes for individuals finding it difficult to return to their original performance. Our Physiotherapits listens to your problems, assesses the condition of the injury, and works with you to create a holistic treatment plan. The process is followed by critical examination of the injuries, assessment of the biomechanics of your body, and techniques you follow while practising. Based on the results, our physiotherapists formulate rehabilitation programmes that help you achieve the desired goals and retain the same performance level.

    So, whether it is a muscle injury, joint dislocation, strain or sprain, our physio team can offer the best health care. Book your appointment with us today.

    Physiotherapy Clinic Christchurch

    Physiotherapy has multiple health benefits, and it can help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Phoenix Healthcare has an experienced physio team skilled in handling all physiotherapy injuries. Whether it is a sports injury, chronic pain or pain due to a previous injury, we can help overcome it. Plus, our physio team can assist with muscle strain, concussion, acute injuries management, back and neck pain, and others so you can enjoy a pain-free life.

    Our dedicated clinic in Christchurch is equipped with high-tech machinery to assess your physical and mental health condition. When you arrive, you are welcomed with a smile from our friendly staff. If it is an emergency, we have the adequate resources to handle the situation carefully. Our in-house team carefully assess the condition and ask questions about any previous injuries to have a clear understanding before creating the customised healthcare plan. Our goal is to offer the best services to New Zealander's at competitive prices.

    So, what are you waiting for? Visit to the renowned Phoenix Healthcare Physiotherapy clinic in Christchurch and ensure the best treatment. We assess, diagnose and even offer post-treatment care at home if you need it. So, recover faster, better and healthier with the support of top physiotherapy specialists in Christchurch. Book your appointment now!

    Why Choose a Phoenix Healthcare Physio?

    Phoenix Healthcare is a trusted and reliable clinic in Christchurch that offers a range of health care services. Be it a muscle sprain or back pain; our physio team is always there to help you out from the agonising pain. Some of the reasons we are highly preferred are:

    Experienced and Qualified Physiotherapist: We have a highly qualified physiotherapist in the team with years of experience in the treatment of an array of injuries. All our physiotherapists follow safe medical procedures and ensure you receive the best care possible.

    Sports Physio Assessment: At Phoenix, you will find the best sports physio assessment techniques to upgrade your performance. We offer functional testing, endurance testing and utilise high-tech tools to assess the extent of the injury.

    State of the Art Clinic: Our clinic in Christchurch is equipped with state of the art tools and equipment that deliver accurate, precise and fast results, enabling quick and effective physio care.

    Rehabilitation Programmes: We also offer sports rehabilitation programmes to individuals with severe injuries. The program is also focused on mental well-being so that recovered patients can attain the same level of confidence and lead happy and healthy life.