• Annual Health Assessments
  • Pre-Employment Assessment
  • Wellness Assessments
  • Vaccinations


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    Health monitoring and exposure monitoring are an important part of ensuring the health of workers. “A business has the primary duty of care to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, both the health and safety of workers. This includes monitoring any conditions at the workplace that could put a worker’s health at risk. Businesses may also be required to monitor worker health or exposure in circumstances specified in health and safety regulations”.

    Hearing (Audiometry)

    Noise at work can be harmful to hearing, but hearing loss is preventable if you adopt noise control measures and create an environment that protects the health of your workers. Where noise is above acceptable exposure limits, employees are required to have annual screening by their employer.

    Lung Function (Spirometry)

    Where workers are exposed to hazards such as fumes, solvents, dust and other dangerous airborne particles, annual Lung Function Screening is essential.

    At Phoenix healthcare, we look after your employees with annual health monitoring. All records are stored on a secured health database so that testing can be compared to previous results. We use up-to-date equipment, and our nurses are fully trained and are able to interpret results. Reports are completed for individuals and employers.


    Health Monitoring options:

    • Audiometry (Hearing) Assessments
    • Spirometry (Lung Function) Assessments
    • Vision Testing
    • Grip Strength
    • Sleep Epworth Questionnaire
    • Random Drug & Alcohol Screening

    Other options are available for health monitoring such as:

    • Wellness Assessments
    • Health and Nutrition education and advice
    • Fit Testing for respiratory protection
    • Pre-Employment Assessments
    • Ergonomics

    Ask us for options that can be tailored to your needs.