• Basic Wellness Assessment
  • Standard Wellness Assessment
  • Workstation Assessment
  • Pre-Employment Assessment
  • Vaccinations


    Early Testing, Instant Results, Precaution, Prevention, Your Health, Your Wellbeing – it’s in Your Hands and We are here to help “You” be Your Very Best

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    Phoenix Healthcare promotes wellness in workplaces through our health and wellness services. When people know what their risks are, they can make better work/lifestyle choices to avoid developing heart disease or having a stroke. All our wellness programs are delivered by registered health professionals at the convenience of your workplace or through our health clinic in Christchurch.

    Our team of healthcare professionals are considered the key to our success in providing the best services that fit your business need as we understand that every workplace is unique with its own needs.

    Wellness Assessments are suitable for workplaces that have Wellness programmes in place and have staff that are:

    • Drivers
    • Factory Workers
    • Office Workers
    • Individuals wanting to track and improve lifestyle changes
    • Or anyone who has a sedentary role