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    It’s challenging not being able to use a part of your body. People with disabilities come across various situations in their daily life where they require an extra hand. Elderly, frail and disabled people cannot do the tasks as a normal person does. We at Phoenix Healthcare offer a wide range of disability support services in New Zealand to help the needy. We have a team of specialists who provide all types of mental health and physical support to the needy. Whether it is an extra hand with cooking or you are looking for a companion for personal care, Phoenix Healthcare can help you with all.

    We have highly trained professionals who have years of experience in disability services, working to create a healthy community. With our support and management, we help the elderly and those with a disability to continue their normal life. So, whether you met with an unfortunate accident or old age is taking a toll on your health, we are here for you.

    Types of Disability Support

    Depending on the extent of the injury and the treatment, the doctor may advise rest for days or months. If it is a permanent disability, you may need a companion to help you with the chores. Phoenix Healthcare has highly trained staff, registered nurses and workers to support you with your daily jobs. Some of the services we offer are:

    Personal Care

    This service includes assistance with showering, toileting, dressing & undressing, personal grooming and others. Our carers listen to your needs and create a comprehensive plan that meets all your goals. The care follows the best hygiene practices with the focus on safety. We also have specialised tools and equipment to help you with personal needs.


    The staff at Phoenix Healthcare is fully trained to help disabled people with their cooking needs. From chopping vegetables, preparing salad to meal preparation and washing dishes, we do it all. Our healthcare experts create a healthy diet plan and prepare nutritious meals that supply the required and essential nutrients to the body.

    Decluttering and Cleaning

    We understand that you may not be able to keep your home as clean as before. So, our experienced, vetted support workers can assist you with all the cleaning needs. From vacuuming, mopping, dusting and floor cleaning, we are trained to do all. We use only the best and high-quality cleaning supplies that ensure a hygienic, refreshing and clean environment.