Home And Community Care (HACC)

What is Home And Community Care (HACC)?

Most people want to live in their own home, but the frail, elderly and people with a disability can find this difficult without support. Help can be provided by carers (family and friends) and by a home-based care agency. Agencies can provide basic support services so that the frail, elderly and people with a disability can continue to live in their community.

It includes the following services but not limited to:

  • Help for people to get out and about for activities, shopping or appointments
  • Giving clients a hand by taking them shopping, G.P appointments, or just providing company for a chat
  • Domestic assistance (Home Help/ Home care) – Household jobs like cleaning, laundry and ironing
  • Personal care – includes help with bathing or showering, dressing, hair care and toileting.
  • Community nursing - Provided in the home by a qualified nurse (e.g wound dressing and continence advice).
  • Some HACC services can be provided either at a Community Centre or in the home.

Who is eligible for a HACC services?

HACC services are for people who need help to continue living at home and in the community because they are frail or have difficulty with everyday tasks such as showering, getting dressed or doing housework. They maybe a young person with a moderate to severe disability, or those who are at risk of having to go into a nursing home.

How to find out about HACC Services?

A client themselves, a doctor, a family member or a friend can contact the following agencies to find out about entitlement:

  • Accident Compensation Company
  • Ministry of Health
  • District Health Board

Who pays for HACC services?

Most disabilities or medical conditions that restrict people from daily activities are funded through Ministry of Health. Injury related disabilities and rehabilitation services are funded through Accident Compensation Corporation and elderly care is funded through the local District Health Board. These support services can be discussed with your G.P to get appropriate funding or talk to us about how we can help with available services.

Comprehensive Assessment:

In order to assess ones health needs, a staff member from our organisation meets and discusses day to day requirements. The information provided is written in a comprehensive Care Plan. This is then used by our organisation to provide a tailored plan that will assist in matching a support worker who is best suited with the required tasks.


Nursing services

Phoenix Healthcare has registered nurses that deliver community-based care for individuals who require support to be independent in their own homes. Our nurses are trained in building comprehensive care plans, wound care and extended nursing care as per individual needs.

Respite Care

This service gives carers a break from their caring role. A respite worker looks after the person needing care so the carer can enjoy other activities and interests. This service can be provided at a day care centre or in the home.