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Phoenix Healthcare promotes wellness in workplaces through our health and wellness services. All of our wellness programs are delivered by registered health professional at the convenience of your workplace or through our health clinic in Christchurch.

Our team of healthcare professionals are considered the key to our success in providing the best services that fit your business need as we understand that every workplace is unique with its own needs.

We are taking a new approach to help New Zealand workplaces create a healthier and safer workplace by offering our services that looks at the business in a holistic view and targets areas that have potential for improvements to formulate a more productive and efficient workforce.


Basic Health and Wellness assessment

Our basic Health and Wellness assessment is ideal for getting a baseline idea of were your health stands, this service can be delivered at your workplace or in our clinic.

Basic Wellness Assessments include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation Level
  • BMI Calculations
  • Cholesterol test
  • Blood Glucose Test

Standard Health and Wellness assessment

Our Standard Wellness Assessment is ideal for individuals or workplaces whose employees are more at risk of developing hypertension or cardiovascular related illnesses.

  • All the tests from Basic Package
  • Cardiovascular disease risk assessment and education

You can always choose any of our add on assessments from below to get a more comprehensive understanding of your health. Remember change starts from you.

Add on Assessments include:

  • Basic Vision test
  • Lung Function Testing
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Life/Work balance discussion
  • Basic Emotional/Psychological Assessment
  • Basic Social Assessment

Pre-Employment Assessment

We understand that employing the best man for the job is an ideal scenario for most workplaces, we can assist by giving your organisation the best chance in getting the best individual for the required job by conducting a comprehensive Pre-Employment assessment.

Our Testing includes:

  • Comprehensive Pre-Employment Functional Testing
  • Post-Employment Functional Testing
  • Pain and Discomfort Assessment
  • Task Analysis Assessment

Workstation Assessments

Phoenix Healthcare collaborates with employers to reduce the incidence and impact of Musculoskeletal Disorders and injuries in the workplace. A multifaceted approach is developed in conjunction with the employer.

  • Basic Workstation Assessment
  • Comprehensive Workstation Assessment
  • Task Analysis
  • Pain and Discomfort Assessments.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Health and safety at work act 2015 places the duty of care on employers to provide a safe workplace for the employees and part of that initiative is taking steps to ensure that individuals turn up at work coherent and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol to ensure the safety of the workplace as a whole.

We work closely with our champion employers to ensure that their workplace is healthy and safe for everyone and have a happier and healthier team.

We conduct tests with least amount of work disruptions and can notify employers of the results in an instance.



As part of our vision to provide holistic healthcare services and as the current changes in the healthcare climate with new viruses emerging at an ever faster rate, we believe that you and your workforce needs to be prepared at all times. As part of our end to end service delivery promise, we deliver vaccination service at the convenience of your workplace or in our onsite clinic.