Early Testing, Instant Results, Precaution, Prevention, Your Health, Your Wellbeing – it’s in Your Hands and We are here to help “You” be Your Very Best

We believe that
safety is not an act but a habit

Phoenix Healthcare group is aware of the gap that exists in our healthcare system in New Zealandat present. If you are unwell, you’ll go to your General Practitioner who, if you end up requiring more care, will send you to the hospital. But what if you could monitor your wellness before it gets worse? What if you could get the right tests from the right people to give you guidance and feedback to keep a tab on your physical wellbeing?

This is where Phoenix Healthcare comes into play. In a confidential environment, we offer clinical services where we work together with you, to determine the state of your health as it is now, and provide you with the information required to maximise your health potential and forestall potential health issues in the future. In some cases, we can advise who you can go to if issues are identified, but other times simple life-style changes may be all that is required. The saying of being ‘forearmed is forewarned’ holds so true in this situation.


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Health and safety at work act 2015 places the duty of care on employers to provide a safe workplace for the employees and part of that initiative is taking steps to ensure that individuals turn up at work coherent and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol to ensure the safety of the workplace as a whole.

We work closely with our champion employers to ensure that their workplace is healthy and safe for everyone and have a happier and healthier team.

We conduct tests with least amount of work disruptions and can notify employers of the results in an instance.


Health and Wellness Assessment

Phoenix Healthcare promotes wellness in workplaces through our health and wellness assessments, Our team of registered health professionals conducts a series of health assessments such as monitoring an individual’s blood pressure, body temperature, cholesterol level, blood sugar levels, nutrition intake, sleep pattern, lung function test, calculate basal metabolic index which assists in formulating a wellness graph of an individual and provides them with an insight of their current health standing.


Tests available at our clinic

We have a wide range of tests which are performed in a very confidential environment by our Registered Nurses. Our basic assessment includes:

  • Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Test
  • Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation Level
  • BMI Calculations
  • Cholesterol test
  • Basic Vision test

We do have some add on packages which includes:

  • Lung Function Testing
  • Cardiovascular disease risk assessment
  • Confidential Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Life/Work balance discussion
  • Basic Emotional/Psychological Assessment