We believe that
safety is not an act but a habit

Phoenix Healthcare is an innovative and progressive provider of holistic healthcare and workplace safety services. We are helping New Zealand workplaces to maximize their health and safety performance. We strongly believe that workplaces that are healthy and safe are more productive, save money and improve the quality of life of our communities.

Our team of healthcare professionals are considered the key to our success in providing the best services that fit your business need as every workplace is unique in its own rights.

We taking a new approach to helping New Zealand workplaces create a healthier and safer workplace by offering our services that looks at the business in a holistic view and target areas that have potential for improvements to formulate a more productive and efficient workforce.


Phoenix Employee Wellness Programme

These programme consist of unique and varied services that caters to all workplaces in multiple ways. New Zealand workplaces have evolved in the past few years in relation to its health and safety mandate and we have ensured that our services caters to the current most up to date requirements to keep you and your team going and reaching new strides within your respective businesses. Studies have proven that a health and safe workplace produce better and more productive workforce than workplaces who do not invest in the health and safety of their employees.

First Aid Training

An emergency can occur at anytime and anywhere, one should always be equipped with some life saving skills. Our First Aid training is equipped and designed for all industries that allows individuals to be competent with basic to complex life saving first aid assistance.

Phoenix Healthcare has registered first aid instructors with New Zealand Resuscitation Council. We can deliver training to individuals and small groups as required.


Manual Training

Manual handling is a major factor in a large percentage of workplace injuries. This training is designed to be specific to the tasks of workers. The workshop covers:

  • Performing Tasks that minimizes risks
  • Recognizing the risks and the best way to do tasks
  • Stretch exercises that reduce the risk of injury
  • Manual handling responsibilities that apply in a workplace

Phoenix Healthcare manual handling training is delivered by qualified health professionals experienced in biomechanics and manual handling problems. Our trainers create an interactive and engaging environment so that participants take ownership of the content.


Workstation Assessments

Phoenix Healthcare collaborates with employers to reduce the incidence and impact of Musculoskeletal Disorders and injuries in the workplace. A multifaceted approach is developed in conjunction with the employer.

  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Pre-Employment Functional Testing
  • Post-Employment Functional Testing
  • Pain and Discomfort Assessments.

Health and Wellness Assessment

Phoenix Healthcare promotes wellness in workplaces through our health and wellness assessments, Our team of registered health professionals conducts a series of health assessments such as monitoring an individual’s blood pressure, body temperature, cholesterol level, blood sugar levels, nutrition intake, sleep pattern, lung function test, calculate basal metabolic index which assists in formulating a wellness graph of an individual and provides them with an insight of their current health standing.


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Health and safety at work act 2015 places the duty of care on employers to provide a safe workplace for the employees and part of that initiative is taking steps to ensure that individuals turn up at work coherent and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol to ensure the safety of the workplace as a whole.

We work closely with our champion employers to ensure that their workplace is healthy and safe for everyone and have a happier and healthier team.

We conduct tests with least amount of work disruptions and can notify employers of the results in an instance.